Russia is on the front line when it comes to censorship. It is more careful due to modern cyber threats. As well, the Russian government views apps and sites as the cause of the problem. As a result, the government wants to block sites and apps.

Where did all this start?

The whole thing started with Alexander Zharov of Roskomnadzor. This is the state’s media watchdog. As the head, Alexander proposed blockage of mobile apps. Alexander’s idea is to block some apps. Now the government officials have new claims. They think that apps have made it harder for them to identify security threats. Boris Edidin went on to blow the whistle about bypassing censorship. He is the legal department head at Roskomnadzor. As a way to show its commitment, the government has banned 505 websites. It has also blocked 1433 web addresses. So far apps are working. But, apps might soon be inaccessible.

More bans are coming

The Russian government wants to ban many apps. Users will be unable to get these apps from Google Play or App Store. Apps that provide unacceptable books in Russia might stop working. Hence, users of Nook and Kindle should get ready. Users of Skype, Viber and WhatsApp will be next. Owners of app stores might stop their service delivery altogether.

Possible consequences

If the government fulfills its plans, Russians and Russian visitors will suffer. Once apps stop working, accounts will be no more. Those who need to create accounts will be unable to. It is important to take note of this. The courts in Russian will not do anything to stop this move. The government officials will block your apps, for sure. It has already stopped Google from pre-installing its apps on mobile devices. So this is serious.

What is the solution?

To continue using apps and websites you like, just get a VPN service. A virtual private network service like is perfect. It will let you alter your virtual location. Instead of appearing in Russia, you will seem to browse from another nation. This will let you get the apps you want. works for MAC, PC, iOS, Android, and the Windows Phone.

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