ISPs (Internet Service Providers) provide you with a unique local IP address when you connect to the Internet, in an attempt to identify you on the network you’re connected to locally. On the contrary, a public IP is a private identifier, primilarly allotted to you while you surf the web. Network addresses or Nat is used when it comes to the routers, most of the times. Your single global IP is assigned to your device because of a translation feature, on a simple note.

So, you might be wondering what’s the catch with your real IP address getting exposed – right? As the public IP is actually exposed to the whole Internet for anyone to see and of course interact with, the list of dangers is terrifying and much longer. Such as, wrong entity or person getting hands on your IP and making use of it for bad.

The most significant piece of this puzzle that you need to understand is, your real IP can expose your real location and even what device, browser, operating system you use and literally enable just a little smart folks to see all of your activities online.

Now, first of all, letting your real location (at what place you’re at a certain time) reveal is something with which many dangers are linked to. And simply put, many folks won’t want to even let their friends know where they actually are at a certain time. The exposure of your device, browser and with which servers you’re connect to online can allow snoopers to steal your personal information, hijack your Internet traffic and even block you from your very own servers to access.

And not to forget this “surveillance age’ in which we’re breathing! This is not a mystery to anyone now I think that governments and agencies are hunting for exposed IP address, and literally willing to monitor every single citizen of their states all the time. So this simply can allow such governments and agencies to access your devices, know about your family, friends, preferences, habits online and social media activities, business details and much more.

Who are the suspects and victims typically?

Here I’ve a good news, if your online activities are just limited to accessing legally allowed sites and relevant services – the chances of being spied on and infiltrated are on the lesser side.

But, the chances are that someone from your neighborhood might be doing something bad online and if we take governments online – they more likely will go with monitoring the whole region associated with that particular IP. Sounds fair? On the other side, there is no guarantee that hackers and snoopers will not target you if you’re a “good boy” online. They will attack anyway! So, no one is actually safe over the World Wide Web, unless he does something about it and takes action.

Taking Control

So, now I believe I’ve highlighted enough facts about all the hazards that your exposed IP can bring to your world – now it’s high time to get over the fix here! Should we?

The good news is, the fix to your IP getting exposed is pretty simple. That’s VPN, Virtual Private Network. It’s a tool that encrypts your Internet traffic and keeps all of your info secure – you basically surf anonymously once it’s active.

So, as soon as you get your hands on a VPN, you get to mask your real IP and start appearing in a totally different location to others online. What are you waiting for now? It’s “all done” as far as this piece of content is concerned – you now just need to go ahead and take an action (get yourself a VPN) to hide your IP online.

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