WhatsApp is one of the most popular IM service providers in the world, with millions of people communicating everyday using this messaging app. Since it is easily installed on your mobile or tablet, it can help you out with talking to your friends and acquaintances for free.

However, there are several security hazards that you need to be aware of. Identity theft is not a rare phenomenon online and WhatsApp can be breached. So, you ought to comply with some instructions that will keep you safe, without having to give up WhatsApp:

  • First and foremost, choose prudently when it comes to your profile picture. Of course, this is a very important choice. As you may have heard, the Munich murderer had a picture of Anders Breivik at his profile on WhatsApp and this is utterly shocking. You have to reveal no personal information and avoid any privacy breach deriving from your profile picture (which is public by default).
  • WhatsApp has got a time stamp with last seen for its users. Disable it or change the privacy settings, allowing only your friends to see that. Otherwise, you would be exposing too much information about yourself.
  • If you happen to lose your phone or tablet, be swift and deactivate your WhatsApp account. In this way, you will not need to worry about privacy breaches on top of everything else.
  • Since every conversation of yours can become public, be prudent when choosing your words. If there is something confidential you need to discuss, there are better ways to do so. WhatsApp should be a lighter option for chatting with friends.
  • Remember when we talked about the impact of your profile picture? You can choose to allow only contacts to see that. This is a great way to limit your exposure online, as photos can be a primary target for malicious intent.

Although WhatsApp is a great app that has brought together millions of people, it is subject to privacy breaches and vulnerabilities. From your end, you should be as thorough as possible and protect yourself online. Do not underestimate the hazards related to overexposure online. WhatsApp is a wonderful app, but it should be used wisely. So, make sure that you follow our tips and instructions towards

WhatsApp is a wonderful app, but it should be used wisely. So, make sure that you follow our tips and instructions towards optimising your user experience and overcoming the problems that might come up. This is a win-win situation for online communication, right?

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