The internet has revolutionized every aspect of the human lifestyle. One of the biggest areas for people on the internet is entertainment. There is a great wealth of opportunities online.

The big players are the streaming sites, with one of the biggest being Netflix. The company was founded in 1997 as a movie rental service but has evolved over time to not only provide streaming for content producers but also now developing their own content.

Netflix basically operates in two unique models; model one involves streaming TV shows on demand and model two involves creating original content and streaming that on demand as well.

Either way for a small subscription fee the user is able to access TV shows and original content on Netflix on demand. It’s important to note that Netflix has a very extensive catalogue of content. It is safe to say that there is something for everyone in Netflix.

Netflix has also gained popularity because of its efforts to revive TV shows that have been dropped by the networks. TV networks regularly drop shows because of the ratings. This means that fans of the dropped shows have to be left hanging. Fortunately for them, Netflix has taken up some of the shows that had been discontinued by the TV networks.

Some of the shows that have been revived by Netflix include Star Wars, The Clone Wars and Arrested Development. Some of these TV shows are owned by the franchise Marvel, and with that franchise moving to Netflix fans can expect many shows in the future.

The most exciting part of the Netflix narrative is the production of original shows. These include the hugely popular political drama House of Cards and the new show Virunga. Unlike TV shows where the fans have to wait for a week before the next episode, Netflix original series are released in a collection called the season.

Each season has an upwards of eight episodes. Therefore, the viewer is able to watch a whole season on demand in one seating. In addition, the viewer can repeat some favorite episodes or even shows on demand.

Clearly Netflix is edging over TV for two reasons. One is because it has over time built a powerful catalogue of content and two because it allows the user to watch content at the convenience of the user.

That means that there is the freedom to watch what one wants when he or she wants it. Netflix is available on internet enabled devices, making it accessible from anywhere in the world. Although there are some countries from which Netflix is unavailable, there is a way to bypass the blocking and keep enjoying one’s favorite shows.

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