After being available only on the mobiles for long, Whatsapp made its mark to the web recently. Anyone can get their hands on it by visiting and scanning a QR code from their phone.

One just need to open the app, go to menu and select the web options. Apparently, the app seems to work only when user is online on mobile already. This isn’t that much cool for the folks who don’t like carying their mobiles much, though.

In case Whatsapp web options don’t appear at your end, you should go to the settings, then apps and find Whatsapp there. Next, please force stop the app. Opening the app again (restarted), should fix the problem!

So now you’ve Whatsapp with you even in browser, right? So why one should use it instead, Skype, Gtalk, Facebook and other instant messaging app? Well, many folks actually find it tedious to check their phones every now and then while at work, and hence prefer using web based and computer messaging programs, not Whatsapp. But now Whatsapp is available to them on web route as well, the question is why they should cut on their existing means?

Better Security, The only reason that can turn the game towards Whatsapp:

Whatsapp in fact has best encryption implemented as far as messaging is concerend, taking other messaging apps into account. The giant actually teamed up with Open Whisper Systems back in 2014, implementing e2e (end-to-end) encryption for Android devices that means only end users who receive or send a particular message can view the text. Critics and security experts had mixed reviews on Open Whisper Systems encryption tech in the past, but as Edward Snowden praised it – the company’s encryption technology became a trustworthy and respected app among all.

So over 600 million users worldwide that are using Whatsapp already are doing quite right, and as Facebook acquired it last year – it’s expected to get even better. Why not you use it today?

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