It is true that over the past few years people have turned to privacy tools, as their way of maintaining their anonymity online and being kept safe at all times. According to a recent report from GlobalWebIndex, approximately half a billion users choose to hide their IP addresses via the use of VPN.

This is certainly a gigantic percentage to consider and it is worth thinking of the reasons why these people select such a means of connecting online. Of course, there is not a single reason that covers the needs of every single user universally; on the contrary, as we are going to find out there are numerous different motives that drive people towards such a selection.

Why Should I Use Privacy Tools?

First of all, many people choose to use privacy tools for hacking purposes. With the use of an effective privacy tool, there is no way for snoopers and eavesdroppers to come up with any of your personal information. So, this is definitely a plus for Internet users.

Moreover, there is the aspect of concealing one’s IP towards being kept anonymous and thus not being held accountable for anything. This means that, even in an authoritarian regime full of heavy censorship, the Internet users who choose to use privacy tools will not have to deal with negative consequences.

In addition, there are purposes that are related to research and others that have to do with unblocking of content that would be otherwise out of reach to you. From all these reasons and for many more than them, there is growing need for Internet users to benefit from privacy tools. Now, it is high time to find out which privacy tools people select as their desired defensive line!

Which Privacy Tools Can I Use?

As we have stated above, the use of VPN is really frequent among Internet users worldwide. Not only does it provide people with the opportunity to hide their IP address, but they also offer the chance to unblock geographically restricted content, avoid surveillance and embrace anonymity as a whole.

Nevertheless, VPN is not the sole alternative for Internet users. There is also the use of Proxies and Smart DNS servers, as well as various add-ons like DoNotTrackMe and Cocoon. Along with that, there is PrivacyFix that enables somebody to remain anonymous and preserve his privacy.

Are Privacy Tools a Solution?

Nowadays, security breaches are truly frequent on the web. So, it is only fair that Internet users go ahead with choosing the proper protective measures. Privacy tools can offer a really effective method of protecting everyone on the Internet. By masking the true identity of an Internet user, the dangers that lurk as to data interception and identity theft instantly disappear.

Of course, not all the privacy tools can offer equally efficient protection. If we had to choose the most effective protection for every single Internet user globally, this would be the use of VPN. This is a complete protective option that offers advanced encryption and encourages people to remain anonymous throughout their web surfing experiences.

As time goes by, privacy tools will only continue on increasing as to their popularity. This is a direct response to the alarming threats of the Internet with the sophisticated hackers and the advanced software. So, feel free to learn more on which privacy tools you can use for keeping your private information private for good!

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