Smartphone owners across the world are utilizing the Wi-Fi calling service, in order to get better mobile phone coverage. This is an inexpensive method, used everywhere in the world and gaining fans of different OS and mobile devices.

Several operators across the world provide Wi-Fi calling services to their clients as an extension to the telephony service they initially provide, thus upgrading their phone call experience and allowing them to perform some cost-saving benefits.

A few words on Wi-Fi Calling

Let’s make a small analysis of Wi-Fi calling. By utilizing Wi-Fi calling, you can send and receive phone calls over a Wi-Fi network and not rely solely on a mobile telephony network. In order to make use of this function, you must be the owner of a Wi-Fi calling enabled phone.

If you have such a telephone device and the relative function is enabled, then when there’s low mobile telephony signal at the area you are located, your phone can switch to Wi-Fi calling if it locates a strong Wi-Fi signal available. This is a benefit for those that live in areas where the mobile telephony signal is poor, like underground stations or remote locations (villages).

Security concerns on the use of Wi-Fi calling

When you make use of a Wi-Fi connection for transmitting data, the security level you have depends on the level of security implemented on the network to which you have connected. If the Wi-Fi calling app you use in not encrypting your data to a sufficient level, then you could be the target of information theft.

The Wi-Fi call service provided by carriers is applying encryption on voice data, so that no 3rd party can interfere in the communication. Nevertheless, the providers should constantly update the encryption certificates used so as to avoid the presence of vulnerabilities that a malicious user would try to exploit and ultimately cause damage to the client.

Ways to stay protected while utilizing Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling is a cost-saving technology that has some risks as described above, but this doesn’t mean there are no measures to take in order to assure safety. You can make use of a secured VPN (Virtual private network) connection, which is also the solution applied on various companies for their users to remotely access sources of the company’s network with the necessary level of security.

There are companies that provide VPN setup solutions with easy to perform steps which even the normal users can perform. Such a solution is a smartphone app that the user will install on the phone, following an easy step by step guide in creating the VPN connection thus resting assured that the Wi-Fi phone calls made onwards are always kept secure.

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