Xi Jinping from China will be attending the second World Internet Conference, despite the heavy censorship applied by Chinese Government.

When it comes to online freedom, China cannot take pride in being among the first countries in ranking. Actually, the opposite is true about the Chinese Government. To be more specific, they have ranked last at the recent survey regarding online freedom and this does not come as a surprise.

What is surprising, though, is the fact that Xi Jinping from China is to take part at the second World Internet Conference. The oxymoron of the case is evident, of course!

Whoever knows a thing or two about the Internet is well aware of the fact that China is one of the most restrictive nations in the whole wide world, as far as the web is concerned. There is heavy censorship and therefore the Internet Service Providers apply backdoors and other means of spying on citizens. This is a direct effort of the Government to influence public opinion and the banning of Facebook, Twitter and other similar websites from China is another proof of the same thing.

Along with the Chinese Government and Xi Jinping, the World Internet Conference will be attended by the Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. These are all countries where censorship and online monitoring are not unknown. So, it seems like something really strange is happening. The people who already apply limitations are going to work on dealing with the threats of the web, among which lies the problem of online censorship and lack of freedom.

The Conference will attract the interest of 120 nations and the participants are going to exceed all expectations. In defense of the Chinese Government, the Guru of the Internet Lu Wei has stated that China is trying to balance: “the relationship between freedom and order in an appropriate way.” As far as the Internet future of the country, given the accusations made globally regarding the strict legislation, Lu has pointed out the following: “We are exploring an Internet management path with Chinese characteristics.”

Let’s keep a closer eye at the Conference and see what it is going to offer the web and the need for online freedom everywhere!

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